Coldwell Banker® Introduces New Alexa Skill

Coldwell Banker® has introduced its first skill, or app, for Amazon Alexa, the virtual personal assistant that lives inside Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker and other devices. Always leading the industry with technology tools, Coldwell Banker is the first national real estate brand to develop a skill for Alexa!

By prompting Amazon’s voice assistant with “Alexa, Ask Coldwell Banker for the Home of the Week,” users will hear a one-minute description of a featured Coldwell Banker listing and can be connected to their local Coldwell Banker office.

According to a Coldwell Banker consumer survey, most Americans with smart home products want voice control. That insight led Coldwell Banker to develop its Home of the Week Skill for Alexa and add the Echo Dot to its Smart Home Staging Kit.

Click here to learn more about the new Alexa skill and share it on social media to show your sphere that Coldwell Banker is the leader in smart home technology.

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