Contract Series

In these classes the instructor will go over in detail the following forms so that the sales associate is more familiar with them to be able to better serve their clients.

Contract Series: Listing Paperwork:

Agency Disclosure | Listing Contract Exclusive Right to Sell | Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure | Internet Options Display |Cert to withhold Property from MLS

Contract Series: Seller Forms:

MLS Single Family Input form | MLS Lots and Land Input form | MLS Change form | Facilitator Services Agreement-Seller | One time showing contract | Short Sale Notice 

Contract Series: Buyer Paperwork:

Agency Disclosure | Buyer Representation Contract Exclusive | Buyer Representation Contract Non Exclusive | Facilitator Services Agreement-Buyer | Arbitration Disclosure

Contract Series: Buyer Forms:

Purchase Agreement | Cancelation of Purchase Agreement | Amendments vs Addendums | Compensation Disclosure |  Earnest Money Receipt | Counter Offer

Contract Series:  Addendum Library:

Inspection | Sale of a Buyers' Property | Lead Based Paint | CIC | Rent Back vs Move In


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