A Burnet Title Colleague Needs Your Support

As many of you already know, our friend and co-worker Tricia Jacobson, who works at Burnet Title, continues to battle cancer.

In 2011, Tricia began her battle against breast cancer.  She fought hard and worked hard.  We were so hopeful, but there’s always a chance the ugly cancer will return. In fact, it did.

In October 2016, the cancer returned in Tricia’s spine and liver. Who did it think it was dealing with?  Clearly, cancer does not know Tricia as well as we do!

She fought again and returned to work with a renewed passion for life and love. Now, in October 2017, the cancer returned once again— in Tricia’s brain.

All we know is that she will continue to fight.  We will continue to stand beside her. There will be many more challenges for Tricia in the days ahead.  Gathering the finances to cover expenses will be just one of those challenges.

That’s where we can help!  In times like these, we pull together to support those we care about.  We’ve done it in the past, and we will do it again in the future.  If you are able, please donate to help Tricia, as she continues to fight, love life, set an amazing example for her children and inspire all of us!

Your $10 minimum donation will help Tricia and earn you a “dress down” day on Monday, December 4. Please submit your cash or check (made payable to Kelly Kintigh) to Roxanne Stark at the Home Office, no later than Friday, December 1.

Thank you for your support!

Ronnie Semlak
Burnet Title





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