Coldwell Banker Burnet Listings Now on

Great news! Our residential home listings can now be found in the Housing section on This new feature just recently went live, and the Star Tribune is planning a big promotional campaign valued at $100,000 to promote this new offering to readers.

Consumers can use the Housing section’s search function to find a home that fits their needs. Any of our listings that fit their specifications will appear with the Coldwell Banker Burnet logo and the listing agent’s photo with links to their phone number, email address and website.

To see how our listings look, go to the Housing section of the Star Tribune website by clicking here. Create a search. Coldwell Banker Burnet listings that fit your search requirements will be displayed.

 Watch for the Coldwell Banker Burnet promotional ad in Star Tribune’s Sunday Homes on April 30 and May 7. Additional advertising will appear as follows:

Twin Cities Variety:                                                          05/06

Washington Post insert to Star Tribune:               04/23, 05/28, 06/04

Star Tribune Main News:                                               04/26

Star Tribune Online:                                                     04/24, 05/03


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