Year End Brings Quick Checks Blackout Period

As in past years, Coldwell Banker Burnet will institute a year-end blackout period during which no quick checks will be issued or distributed.   The blackout period for 2017-year end will be from December 11, 2017, through January 5, 2018.  During this time, no quick checks will be processed.

Please note that since all quick checks must be ordered 7 days in advance of closing, December 8, 2017, is the last business day that quick checks can be requested for December 15 closings. Quick check requests can begin again on January 5 for January 12 closings.

Important Information

  • Please make sure you do not have any outstanding quick checks.
  • All quick checks not distributed by Friday, December 15, must be returned to your commissions closer at the Service Center in Chicago for voiding.
  • A “stop payment” will be issued on all checks outstanding and not returned. This process cleans up any outstanding checks for year-end.


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